Julie Tegelberg

Julie Tegelberg, Assistant Principal, Primary Head and Grade 3 Teacher
Personal Profile
My husband Rob and I, along with our two sons, William and Charlie, have called Tsawwassen home for the past thirteen years. Rob and I first met when he taught fourth and seventh grade at Delta Christian School (DCS), and he now teaches at Trinity Western University GLOBAL in the Leadership program. We attend South Delta Baptist Church and serve by each leading a Bible study. I am an avid reader year-long and find my breaks are filled with painting and gardening when I am not playing or adventuring with my children. William will be heading into intermediate at DCS and has grown and developed through the social-emotional and intellectual stimulation provided by the staff and community. Charlie attends First Steps Preschool and looks forward to becoming a little dolphin soon! As a family we feel blessed to be part of such a vibrant and beautiful community.
I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Dual Bachelors of Arts in both English and History. I then received my BC Teaching Certificate upon completion of a Bachelors of Education, at SFU, and was blessed to receive a teaching position at Delta Christian School seven months later after teaching-on-call throughout Delta and Surrey. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Educational Leadership at Trinity Western University and have found my learnings thus far to be influential in my ability to lead successfully. I have had the pleasure of teaching grades 1-3 at Delta Christian School for sixteen years and love the wonderful feeling of community and family that has been created. I have enjoyed many roles and responsibilities from serving alongside PAC and working on development projects to joining the leadership team first as a curriculum coordinator and more recently, as the primary department head. The role of the primary vice-principal is an honour and I look forward to faithfully serving teachers, students, and the parent community in this capacity.
Leadership: I believe my role as a leader is to serve first, just as Christ served. My leadership philosophy most closely aligns with the practice of transformational-servant leadership. I believe in prayerfully seeking a vision to create goals and direction for our staff, students and organization as a whole in partnership with other key stakeholders. I am grateful to be a part of the leadership team at Delta Christian School. It is a privilege to equip and empower staff and students alike to likewise be leaders that advance God’s kingdom.
Teaching: I believe that my role as a Christian School teacher is to live out my faith in my classroom and help each child to discover and develop their talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts. I love teaching grades 1-3 as they are foundational grades and their energy and joy for life are contagious. My love for literature and desire to see young readers devour books is a passion I endeavour to bring into the classroom. I believe children thrive when teachers bring themes alive and therefore, surrounding my students with many multi-sensory experiences to engage their young minds is one of my goals. Watching them discover God’s world and making them aware of His creation, in particular through Science and Art, helps to bring enthusiasm, creativity and a Christ-centred environment into the classroom. In essence, my philosophy is that the word of God must be central to what is taught. Children receiving access to His word daily, enabled by the Holy Spirit, will embed Biblical truth in their life. I believe that my job, alongside the Holy Spirit, is to help students grow spiritually, mature, and be conformed to the image of Christ.