Fraser Institute Rankings

Top 10% K-7 school in British Columbia

Highest ranking school in Ladner

Top three school in Delta


Our Teachers:

  • Are BC-certified
  • Receive specific training on how to integrate faith into learning
  • Are life-long learners and access professional development opportunities throughout the year
  • Collaborate and work with each other to continually improve their craft
  • Are regularly evaluated informally and formally

Our Curriculum:

  • Is consistent throughout the school;  teachers speak a common language when it comes to skills related to comprehension, reading, and spelling
  • Is carefully designed to support critical thinking skills and encourage deeper thinking
  • Is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to meet the needs of learners
  • Encourages creativity and innovation, while valuing proven methods

Our Events and Extras:

  • Are created to allow all children an opportunity to shine
  • Are community-minded with lots of opportunities for parents to be engaged, involved and learn

Our Strengths include:

  • Excellence in classroom culture allowing students to flourish
  • Consistently high scores in standardized testing
  • Support for parents and parent involvement
  • A highly positive school tone
  • A wide range of learning opportunities for all kinds of children
  • Support for special needs children

Program by Grade

Our curriculum meets and exceeds the learning requirements set by the Ministry of Education in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies & French. All subjects are integrated & taught from a Christian perspective. SCSBC (Society of Christian Schools of BC) assists the school in providing curricular leadership & units. With the province-wide implementation of the BC Education Plan, our teachers will focus their attention on opportunities for greater personalized learning and the development of core competencies: communication, creative and critical thinking, and, personal and social competency.

Educational Support Services

Delta Christian School (DCS) understands that every child is a unique individual in the body of Christ. We use an inclusive model to meet the needs of diverse learners in our school. All special needs students will be integrated into regular classrooms at DCS. Students who have special needs, as defined by the BC Ministry of Education (MoE), are those students who have a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural nature, or who have a learning disability or have exceptional gifts or talents. All children will be educated in the regular school environment to the greatest extent possible with appropriate supports and accommodations in place.  Please refer to our ESS Handbook for more details.


All students in K – 7 follow The Story of God and His People, a Bible Program developed by Christian Schools International (CSI). In addition, all classrooms begin with devotions each morning. A school wide chapel is held every Thursday afternoon at 2:15 PM. Parents are welcome to attend our chapels.


Delta Christian’s French program follows the AIM (Accelerated Integrated Methodology) curriculum. Only French is spoken in class using pared-down language and varied small activities to encourage attentive learning. AIM focuses on using innovative gestures while speaking so that students learn French visually via actions as well as orally and in writing.  The program also employs the use of French through stories, plays and songs to enrich learning. Authentic conversations personalize French. The teacher leads whole class, group and individual interactions and classes are encouraged to engage in student to student cooperative learning strategies. Grammar is learned as students gain confidence and develop their oral and reading skills. Intermediate classes, primarily Grades 6 and 7, begin to develop writing skills as well. Learning French through AIM is exciting and is a positive experience for our students.

Fine Arts

Students in grades K – 7 participate in the music program offered by a specialist. Grade 6 – 7 students take band as well as choral music. Students in grades 5 – 7 participate in a Fine Arts program that includes Art, Drama and Home Economics on a rotating basis.

PE Athletics

Primary – Primary children follow a program to develop skills and sportsmanship through games and creative movement. – A fitness program of regular running leads to a special 50 km Award Presentation for students in grades K – 3. Intermediate – A continued emphasis on skills and sportsmanship – Participation in Track and Field events – Each year DCS organizes several sports teams that compete in league play and tournaments. – A fitness program of regular running leads to a special 100 km Award Presentation for students in grades 4 – 7.

Digital Citizenship and Technology Education

DCS believes that: (a) Technology serves as an invaluable learning tool and resource and to that end Delta Christian School has a computer lab, a school-wide network, Smart Boards in every classroom, and is working on long range plans for the integration of mobile technology into the classroom. (b) Technology should be integrated across the curriculum as learning tools.   K -7 students participate in our computer skills program. Students in grades 4 – 7 enhance their keyboarding skills and learn current applications.


The library has an excellent collection of books for children to enjoy and use. Library classes are held each week and library skills are taught to the students, and students are permitted to check out books each week to take home and read. Parents are encouraged to share these books with their children. Suggestions for books to be added to the library or book donations may be given to the librarian. Damaged and lost books will be reported to parents by a note sent home by the librarian. The charge will be the replacement cost of the book and a $5 processing fee. The library has a policy, adopted by the Education Committee and Board, that is used as a guide for purchasing books.

Kindergarten and Grade One

Kindergarten is a great new adventure in your child’s life. Delta Christian School offers a full day kindergarten. Students have plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning, including field trips, smart board technology, daily physical activity, music, and French class. Students learn in a safe, Christ-centered, supportive environment.   Please see the Admissions page for more information about registering.

Grades Two to Four


Grade 2 students, having learned basic reading skills in grade 1, begin to read easy reader chapter books and develop independent reading skills which are supported by a home reading program. They learn to write original stories without the aid of a story frame.  The spelling program Words Their Way helps students recognize and use spelling patterns in their writing. This is supported with additional phonics instruction which helps to further develop their written communication skills as well as their reading fluency. A strong focus in math is addition and subtraction facts and fact families.  The use of manipulatives and various strategies helps meets students’ various learning styles and needs. Field trips to places such as local nurseries and Science World enhance their learning in content areas. In Bible, Grade 2 uses CSI’s Walking with God and His People which concentrates on the New Testament connections between testaments. Old Testament stories are reviewed and The Gospels, Acts, James and Revelation are studied closely.


Grade 3 students continue their reading skills by reading levelled readers as well as short novels. The home reading program is continued to strengthen their reading fluency. The spelling program Words Their Way supports the phonics program. Formal grammar is taught and writing skills include writing from different perspectives, learning to summarize, and communicating what they have learned and researched in content subjects. Addition and subtraction facts are strengthened and multiplication and division facts to 5 X 10 are taught. The use of manipulatives and various strategies helps meet students’ various learning styles and needs. New to grade 3 is the use of planners and test taking in various subjects. Keyboarding is introduced as well as the use of various online educational sites such as IXL and RAZZ kids. Field Trips to the Delta Museum, Christmas tree decorating at the Municipal Hall and representing the school in the community’s Christmas parade are some highlights in grade 3. Grade 3 Bible continues to use Walking with God and His People starting with the study of Creation up to the book of Joshua.  First and Second Timothy is then studied.   A unit on “Bible Study Helps” teaches students how to use the index, footnotes etc. to help them navigate their way through the Bible.


Grade 4 students continue to expand their reading repertoire by reading various novels independently as well as short stories, poetry and texts that provide information. The focus in reading shifts more towards meaning as they become fluent readers and the home reading program is continued.  The Words Their Way spelling program continues as well as formal grammar instruction. Students are encouraged to find their own voice in their story and poetry writing as well as use various writing strategies such as similes. Self and peer editing skills are introduced. Writing to communicate information such as in various reports and projects is developed. Multiplication and division facts to 10 are practised all year and applied to various math problem solving activities and are connected to various math concepts throughout the year. The use of IXL to enhance math skills is continued and the use of this site as well as RAZZ kids to develop reading skills is encouraged for use at home. New to grade 4 is participation in the various track and field meets that occur in the spring. Other highlights for grade 4 are field trips connected to Social Studies and Science to places such as Science World, Burnaby Village Museum and the Vancouver Space Center. Using Walking with God and His People, grade 4 Bible begins with learning how to study individual books of the Bible by examining the Who, What, When Where and Why of Philippians. Creation to the Book of Joshua is reviewed and Judges through to the books of prophecy are studied in depth.

Grades Five to Seven

Delta Christian School offers a unique middle school experience. Grades 5-7 students take part in a variety of activities that are unique to the middle school. Students take part in a number of school ‘camp-ins’, campouts, outreach activities, and Missions Fest.   Academically, students have the chance to learn both in their grade groups, but also in many weekly multi-grade activities, and together as a community through our HEARTS (student service) program.


Grade 5 students are introduced to middle school expectations early in the year. They learn how to use their lockers and planners correctly as well as moving from classroom to classroom between classes. Students are also introduced to time management strategies and positive study habits.   Grade 6 students, having one year of middle school under their belts, are given more responsibilities as they become leaders in training. Students are given the opportunity to venture off campus once a term to the local mall for snacks. This gives students practice in budgeting as they are only allowed a $5 limit.


Grade 6 students continue to hone their time management skills and study habits as they adjust to the expectations of grade 6. By the end of their school year they are ready to make that transition to grade 7.


Grade 7 students take on the role of servant leaders here at DCS. These students lead our HEARTS program, with a number of grade 5s and 6s working under their management. These students are responsible for manning the office during lunch hour, tech crew for chapels and all school functions, lost and found, library, recycling, gym equipment and hot lunch monitors. Students are transitioned to high school through meeting with guidance counsellors and faculty from their prospective high schools. Grade 7 students are able to leave campus once a month to travel to the local mall and are able to use electronics in class under the guidance of their teacher. Grade 7 students hone their essay writing skills, write the FSA test, and are responsible for afternoon announcements.


Middle School students take part in a number of extracurricular sports activities. Grade 6 and 7 participate on our; soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and badminton teams. Grade 5’s participate with the rest of the middle school in long distance and track meets. Middle school students also take part in exploratories, chapel band, field trips, Christmas and year-end celebrations. Middle School students cover a variety of topics in the year. Highlights include: multiculturalism; immigration; the gold rush; country studies; ecosystems; diversity of life; mining; volcanoes; and, ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece.   Novels studied include: The Cay, Cariboo Runaway, Hatchet, The Giver, Iqbal, Number the Stars, and Hannah’s Suitcase.


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