Delta Christian has been a tremendous blessing and benefit to our family. We chose Delta Christian School because it is a Christ-centered school with a caring Staff that educates and prepares its students spiritually, academically and physically in a safe environment.

Wayne & Leah Butner, Ladner Baptist Church


We like DCS for many reasons: the first being that the school is committed to a Christ-centered education. This is evidenced by a highly committed Christian staff. DCS has a staff that genuinely cares about our children and their walk with the Lord. They find many creative ways to introduce the children to God’s world and his plan of salvation. We are very impressed not only with the academic program but athletics, music and other fine arts. We are also happy that DCS is a parent-run school. Parents are encouraged to be involved and for us that is very special as we love to share our child’s education. We always feel welcome at DCS. Lastly, we enjoy sending our son to a school that is not only a part of our neighbourhood, but is a part of the community. There is a great sense of belonging.

Peter and Lisa Somerville, St. John’s Church Shaughnessy


We have been a part of the community of Delta Christian School now for eight years. From the start we felt welcomed by the teachers and other parents. I feel confident in the quality of education our children receive, but what touches me most is the expanded positive influence in their spiritual growth. Each year as I observe what Delta Christian is doing for our children, I want to give back. It is the children of the whole school community, who inspire us to volunteer our time, donate our money and offer support in whatever way we can. All of these children are our future.

Walt and Wendy Lawrence, Cedar Park Mennonite